Parallel Singing Stairs EP

Compact disc case, Dust collected from (47.404948, 19.036223) and (52.086817, 1.569333), perspex
11 x 12 x 0.5 cm


Parallel Singing Stairs is the first physical EP released from, an EP of two units of field-recording that can be played at the same time. At once a dialogue, a mixtape and a love-letter between two parallel time-spaces that can never coexist and can never hear each other. is a label archiving soundtracks in the form of dust, released as a physical album. recently discovered that the potential for sonic information is contained in even as small a unit as dust, with vibrations recorded in the form of material matters. Dust is continuously exposed to vibrations of all kinds in the environment, especially those considered above the capabilities of ordinary perception of humans and their extended perception of sensory devices. Recorded over the widest range of frequency compared to any other existing recording format; this includes unknown information of surrounding environments from the past, present and future etched onto the dust.

Through the exploration of the multidimensionality of sound, are working with scientists, acoustic specialists and multisensory integration researchers to unravel the feasible extraction of the sedimentary soundscapes encoded in dust. According to their studies, the human listening experience in linear time has to be deconstructed and expanded to hear the soundtracks. It is predicted that the soundscapes from the dust will be able to be heard in the near future, but it is not possible at present.

(Petrichor - the scent of rain that is produced when rain falls on dry soil. When a raindrop lands on dry soil, air from the pores form small bubbles which float to the surface and release aerosols that carry the scent. These aerosols carry oils emitted by plants and chemicals from bacteria. The smell of rain, in the present, is the smell of layered memories from the past.)

Limited Editions available to purchase on Bandcamp


 Special thanks to Cosmos Carl for the invitation